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Get customers for your hair salon

12 Essential Steps to Get Customers for Your Hair Salon + Special Salon Ideas

Are you interested in finding out how to get customers for your hair salon? Read on …..

Do you know? Hair and beauty businesses lose 10 to 25% of their customers each year. Therefore, opening a hair salon as an individual stylist is not as challenging as getting and retaining customers for your salons. When you search about it online, much-given information overwhelms you about where to start. So, to clear up the confusion, We’re sharing nine essential steps to get customers for your salon. 

Whether you already have clientele or you’re starting from scratch, these tips will help show you how to build clientele as an independent hair stylist. Relying only on an already created clientele is not a promising idea because you will lose them gradually. So, let’s start knowing the steps to promote your salon. These steps don’t show how to get hair clients fast but rather how to get them retain and keep them as repeat clients. Follow the steps below that show you how to get new clients in a salon

12 Important Steps to Promote Your Salon and Get Customers as An Independent Stylist

1. Focus on Making Your Online Appearance Correct:

When you open a salon, make sure that you can get found online. People generally google the salon/independent stylist and book with them if they are impressed by how you have presented yourself online. So, make sure to set up a website as it is your online portfolio. 

Setting up an Instagram salon page attracts potential clients and makes it easy to contact you. It will be handy for them to reach your website by clicking a link on a business account. The best thing is you can quickly show off your work, spotlight your services and promote salon specials or offers you are running. Create a healthy mixture of content and posts to convert lookers into bookers.

Videos are much more engaging than still images. In that case, YouTube is a goldmine to promote you, reaching at least 2 billion users every day. You can promote your hair salon by uploading videos of your staff working on clients’ hair and making tutorials to make hairstyles.

Show consistency on all social media platforms. 

2. Upgrade Online Profiles to Get Customers for your Hair Salon

Upgrading your profiles, make sure when someone in your area searches about services you offer, your salon shows up with correct info. 

Google Yourself: 

If you are working as an independent stylist, then search “your name + city,” or if you opened a hair salon, then search “salon name + city.” Various results show up, like Yelp, Facebook, Yellow Pages.

Make sure your salon phone#, address, hours, website address, and appointment link are correct on all profiles, so you won’t lose a clientele just because the info is incorrect. 

List Yourself on Google Maps: 

Search your name or salon name with the city; update all necessary info like above if your salon shows up. If you do not show up, register yourself on Google Maps via this link 

Don’t forget to add an appointment link, so one can easily set up an appointment within Google Maps if they search to see the hair salon via Google Maps.

3. Add Value Rather Than Giving Insane Discounts:

Giving people insane discounts to make them stay makes a hair salon less respectful. So, instead of offering discounts, adding value to the service (like a complimentary blowout with a haircut) makes a clientele happy and willing to return. 

Make them feel special and comfortable.

4. Get Reviews from Your Clients:

According to the Bright Local survey, 91% of people aged 18-34 read and trust reviews before getting a service. And if they have a 4-star review, 57% of people use that business. 

Therefore, encourage your clientele to leave a review so you can share them while promoting yourself to gain one’s trust and turn them into your clientele.

Moreover, reviews also improve local SEO that help you rank better.

5. Run Paid Advertisement:

33% of people click on the first search result on Google, 18% on second, and this percentage becomes less the lower your salon appears in search. 

But the problem is getting ranked #1 on Google requires a lot of work and consistency; a quick way to get there is running paid advertisement.

6. Posters in Popular Places:

Print media is still alive and works effectively in promoting a brand. But make sure to invest in making posters look professional and attractive. Display them at places that turn lookers into clientele, one of the best ways is to co-market with local businesses (like nail salons) and display them there.

7. Leverage Your Friends and Existing Clients:

Now you have set up everything, it’s time to lean on your network to grow (friends and existing clients). You can take advantage of it by showing off your amazing service to your social media audience with before and after pictures. Don’t forget to ask for their permission. One more thing: don’t use too many hashtags, only use a few that describe your service to make it look professional.

8. Referral Discount:

When you provide hair services and your customer looks happy, ask them to refer you to their friend and family. Offer them a 10% discount for each customer referred by them. This step promotes your hair salon effectively and gets clients for you.

9. Create an Insta-friendly Space in The Salon:

Creating a selfie wall or insta-friendly space will not only attract people who would like to share selfies with their gorgeous hair, but it will be a big plus for you also. Ask your clientele to use @SalonName and “#” (CreatedForYourSalon) when they share pictures on social media. This can lead to free promotion and create modern-day testimonials.

10. Keep Online Booking System Easy:

The online booking system is essential nowadays, but the complicated one can make people stop proceeding ahead even if they have taken some steps. So, please keep it simple and easy.

11. Show Off Your Skilled Staff:

In the waiting area, salons put magazines to avoid people getting bored. We suggest printing out your best hair service photos in magazine form. This will interest them even more, and they are likely to pick another hair service or product used too. Or the person comes along and decides to get their hair done from you.

12. Carry Business Cards:

When informing someone about your salon or asking them to refer you, don’t only talk verbally; give them a business card. It will make your impression professional, and maybe they will not contact you just because they forgot your info.

Hair Salon Specials Ideas

Hair salon specials never disappoint you to get new customers and retain them. Here are some hair salon referral ideas.

Welcome Back: 

On a customer’s first appointment, after giving them desired hair service, ask them to book a second appointment to avail a discount. This will make it exciting for them to come back to you. Tell them in advance; this discount won’t stay longer.

Buy Two Products Get One Service Free:

Give a discount for the next haircut if they buy two retail products (shampoo + conditioner). If you run this offer longer and clients try and find products they like, think of an increase in lifetime value.

Give Loyalty Discount:

Giving specific discounts to loyal customers will ensure they will stay even longer.

Mini Treats for Students:

Stay updated about when your local college and university is starting a new semester, term, or opening after vacations. Right before it, offer discounts for students to attract them to get the hair done without breaking their budget.

Salon Special Days: 

Celebrate special salon days by giving some discounts to people. It can be the salon’s anniversary, the day of getting your 1000th customers, etc.

Deals For Special Days Throughout the Year:

Give deals on special days throughout the year like Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, International Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. 

Deals For Seasonal Events:

Christmas deals, New Year’s celebrations, Easter, Blessed Friday, Cyber Monday, Winter special, Spring special, etc., are the best salon special ideas to attract numerous customers to your salon.


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