Hair Products Sample Kit
Private Label Hair Products Sample Kit
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Private Label Hair Products Sample Kit


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Take the first BOLD step in building your empire by starting with one or several of our private label wholesale hair products.

Our Private Label Hair Products Sample Kit will help you make the best decision on several products to help you launch your own line of hair/wig care products.

The Trial Kit Includes:-

✅  Hair Wax Stick.

Tames hair fly-aways mold the hair down

✅  Edge Control 3.5 oz Cherry Scented.

Used for all hair types for baby hair and braiding. After Styling edges wrap with an edge band for 5-10minutes for best results

✅  Edge Control Strong Hold 3.5 oz.

Used for all hair types for baby hair and braiding. This has a stronger hold than the 4 oz jar and a different scent.

✅  Edge Control Styling Brush.

3-in-1 Edge Styling tool can be used to style edges, comb eyebrows, and smear the adhesive evenly

Lace Wig Adhesive Primer.

Acts calp protecting agent and also to ensure the Adhesive has a long-lasting hold. Spray on the clean and oil-free scalp, let it dry before you proceed to use the Adhesive.

✅  Lace Wig Adhesive Remover.

To safely remove your wig without hair damages, spay on the area with adhesive and wait for 1-3 minutes, gently massage, and remove the lace slowly. Can be used to remove adhesive residues too.

Lace Adhesive Strong Hold (Standard)

Hold the wig down with a stronghold but not completely waterproof.

✅  Lace Wig Adhesive Extreme Hold (Waterproof and Strawberry Scented)

Use the primer prior to application with three layers of adhesive, Allow 24hrs before the waterproof test. Safely remove glue with Adhesive Remover.

✅  Hair Straightening Spray

After washing your wig, spray on damp hair, blow-dry, and flat iron. Acts as a heat protectant and silkening agent for tangle-free and glossy hair feel.

✅  Hair Styling Foam

Mould and curling hair, can be used for baby hair styling

✅  Argan Oil Nourishing Shampoo

Shampoo for washing bundles and wigs. Formulated with deep cleaning and nourishing ingredients like argan oil. Leaves your hair shiny and bouncy again.

✅  Lace Tint Sample sprays Light, Medium, and Dark Brown.

To match the lace to your skin ton spray on the lace from inside out with additional coats if necessary to achieve your skin tone.

For best results apply the tint after bleaching the knots and washing, let the tint sit in and air dry, and proceed to style.

  • Products are for external use only. Pre-test skin areas before using. If irritation occurs, stop using. Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

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Our Sample kit is more than a brand promotion. It provides a unique experience to you by allowing you to try out products before making full investments.

Private Label Hair Products Sample Kit Details

According to a survey done by between the years 2012 – 2019, the global hair care market was estimated to be worth about 87.9 billion U.S. dollars.

This number is only continuing to go up every year. If you’ve wanted to start your own hair/wig care products business It’s not too late to get yourself a slice of the pie.

You don’t have to stress about having a reliable supplier , the quality of your products, or having someone real to contact if you have questions.

Our number one goal is YOU that’s why we put this private label trial kit care package with all the essentials you will need to help you make the best decision to help you in the next step making your first private label wholesale order.


Here are a few reasons to build and grow your own personal hair/wig care products brand.

✅  Independence and flexibility, you will have more freedom by working for yourself.

✅  Personal fulfillment in doing what you love with nothing holding you back.

✅  You have the ability to try out things, see what works and what doesn’t

✅  It’s easier to start a business than ever before.

The Private Label Bold Trial Kit is packed with great products that customers love, which help every person who cares about maintaining their hair/wig in great condition.


  • Perform a patch test before full application, if irritation occurs please do not proceed.
  • For external uses only, avoid contact with eyes or mouth.
  • For best results use our adhesive primer prior to using this product and allow up to 24 hrs before wetting the hair.
  • Use our adhesive remover to safely remove the lace piece without damaging your hair.


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  1. I am looking forward to adding some of these products to my brand!

  2. Love the trial kit!

  3. Wide variety to choose from still trying to decide which i’ll start with, loved the primer and lace tint spray.

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