Private Label Extreme Hold Lace Wig Adhesive, Original Unscented – 1.06 Oz
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Private Label Extreme Hold Lace Wig Adhesive, Original Unscented – 1.06 Oz


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Original Unscented Extreme Hold Lace Wig Adhesive is Now Back!


  • After application the white lace wig adhesive becomes clear and leaves no white residue.
  • We’ve formulated this lace hold adhesive to be waterproof, you can now get in the pool, or go sky diving without worrying about your hair floating/flying away.
  • We’ve used gentle formula for sensitive skins also sensitive and watery eyes.
  • The adhesive dries moist allowing for easy reapplying or repositioning through out the day if needed.
  • Designed to provides long lasting strong hold.
  • Latex free

The Extreme Hold Wig Adhesive takes care of all your wig hold problems. Whether you have trouble making your wig stay on your heads, taking a dive in the pool, or if you’re simply tired of embarrassing moments of your wig getting loose. The Extreme Hold Adhesive solves all these problems and it only takes one – two applications!


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Tired of spending an hour applying wig adhesives and teasing your hair to achieve a nice hold when it’s a 5-minute job with the right products? The Extreme Hold Lace Wig Adhesive has been specially designed to give you a fabulous, lasting hold—no fuss, no crust, no time wasted!

What is the best adhesive for lace front wigs? Bold Beauty Hair Extreme Hold Lace Wig Adhesive is the best for wigs, made with very few ingredients, it’s packed with benefits that your wig will love, such as a stronghold, easy application/removal and a few others listed above.


Clean the application area and apply a layer of bold beauty’s adhesive and wait for the glue to turn clear before you add another layer. Once the glue becomes tacky, attach the unit carefully by pressing it down. You can apply up to three layers. With proper care, this glue can hold up to four weeks.


  • Perform a patch test before full application, if irritation occurs please do not proceed.
  • For external uses only, avoid contact with eyes or mouth.
  • For best results use our adhesive primer prior to using this product and allow up to 24 hrs before wetting the hair.
  • Use our adhesive remover to safely remove the lace piece without damaging your hair.


Water, Polyacrylic Acid Ester, Nonionic Surfactants.

Label Dimensions: Rectangle, 1.5″ x 3.75″ (in.) (Height X Width)


  • Order comes in a 1.06 Oz bottle with black cap/top, unless requested otherwise.
  • For 1.06 Oz with a different cap color(Pink or White) you must order 50 or more units.
  • For different size (1.07 Oz pr 0.71 Oz) with any cap color (Black, Pink or White). Please email us at



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    I really love this item holds extremely well

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