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How to Choose the Best Natural Human Hair Wigs

Tips on How to Choose the Best Natural Human Hair Wigs

Are you interested in buying a wig, but are overwhelmed by all of the choices out there? Finding the best wig for you can be difficult, but rewarding once you finally find the one. Make sure you know what to look out for when searching for a wig. 

Keep reading our guide to choosing a wig as well as why natural human hair wigs tend to be better. We will break down everything you need to know about wig shopping so that you can be prepared to get the best wig for you. 

1. Opt for Natural Human Hair Wigs

If you want to make sure your wig gives off the illusion of your real, natural hair, a human hair wig will be best for you.

Unlike synthetic hair, these wigs move, swing and bounce, giving your hair the movement of natural hair. You can also style this hair with great results, whether you’re curling, straightening or blow-drying. 

There are different types of human hair wigs to choose from. European hair is the most expensive and sought after due to its fine texture.

Indian hair is also sought after but is slightly less expensive. This hair is soft but offers a bit more texture. Chinese hair is the least expensive and most prevalent, with a thick and straight look.

Picking your human hair wig type will come down to your own personal preference, how you style your hair, as well as your budget. 

2. Consider Your Facial Shape 

Make sure you’re getting a wig that will best complement your facial shape. By getting a wig that works with your face shape, the hair will lay in a way that looks more natural and less like your wearing a wig. To determine your face shape, examine your face in the mirror and follow this guide. 

Diamond Shaped Face 

If you have broad and high cheekbones, but a more narrow forehead and pointed chin, you likely have a diamond-shaped face. Luckily, this face shape is quite versatile when it comes to picking a complimentary wig. To add width to a narrow forehead, consider a wig with volume in this area. 

Shoulder length styles like bobs, or a style that is easy to tuck behind the ears is a great way to style close to the head, framing the face. Finish this look off by choosing a wig with layers to add volume and movement. 

Round Shaped Face

Someone with a round-shaped face will have soft rounded cheekbones and hairlines. This face structure is likely widest across the cheeks, with a shorter length from hairline to chin. With this face structure, you’ll want to choose a wig that creates length and balance. 

If you’re hoping for a long length wig, go for one with layers and an off-center part. Short hairstyles can also be achieved through wigs with more volume at the top, and less close to the face. These styles will help your hair counterbalance your rounded features. 

Oval Shaped Face

This uninformed and well proportioned facial structure is the easiest to pair wigs with. Any wig style will work for this facial structure, so it’s up to your personal preference and style. 

Pear-Shaped Face 

This facial shape typically has a wide rounded chin and narrow forehead. For the most complementary style, you’ll want to look for wigs that will help to take focus away from the chin. Because of this, short styles tend to be best for a pear-shaped face. 

Short, cropped styles with bangs or angled fringe are a great option for this facial structure. Short styles with volume at the crown and framing the rest of the face may work as well. 

Oblong-Shaped Face

This shape is characterized by a long, straight face with square jaws and hairlines. To complement this shape, look for wigs that create added width to the face. A jaw or shoulder-length style will work best to accomplish this look. 

If you want a longer style, make sure there are feathery layers around the face. Lots of layers, curls, and waves can be a great way to accent this face type. 

Square Shaped Face

If you have a short face with a strong jaw, and a straight chin and hairline, you likely fall into this face shape category. You will want to pick styles that help elongate your face, giving it shape and proportion. Wispy bangs, layers, and volume work best with this facial structure. 

3. Choose Full Lace or Lace Front 

Choosing a full lace or lace front wig will help to give a much more natural appearance. If you’re looking for flexibility with styling, a full lace wig will be the best option for you. This option allows you to part the wig in multiple different ways, and will also give you the freedom to do updos

Lace front wigs can be more affordable but tend to be less breathable and maybe a bit itchy. When wig shopping, try these different wig styles on to see what works best for you. 

Tips for Buying the Best Wig 

When buying a wig, make sure to keep these tips in mind. Remember that natural human hair wigs are best and that the rest is up for you to decide. Make sure you look for wigs that complement your unique facial structure and allow you to style however you prefer. 

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