Bold Beauty's Wig Grip Band
Bold Beautys’ Silicone Wig Grip Band

Bold Beautys’ Silicone Wig Grip Band


How Can I Keep my Wig From Slipping if I don’t like to use glue? We have got you covered!

If you’re not a fan of Wig Adhesives(Glue or Gel) and don’t want your wig slipping then our silicone wig grip headband is for you!

This Silicone Wig grip will secure your wig making sure it is not going anywhere while protecting your edges at the same time. It is soft, stretchy, and very light made of high-quality soft silicone (Food-grade Silicone that is very safe for the skin).
It has a universal size that works with most head sizes, lasts for years, can be reused, it is very easy to clean (rinse with soap and water).

Our silicone wig fix has two sides with nubs, the shorter nubs inside, and the longer outside.

Available options are:-

✅ Transparent silicone wig grip band

✅ Light brown silicone wig grip band

✅ Medium brown silicone wig grip band

✅ Dark Brown silicone wig grip band


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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How does a wig grip work? Watch this YouTube for a demonstration.

Do wig grips damage your hairline?  Wig grips can cause damage if used the wrong way, you want to make sure it’s comfortable. A well-fitting wig grip will leave you feeling no pain. Silicone wig grips made from unreliable cheap material could result in damage to your hairline. Our silicone wig grip is made from high quality sourced material to ensure it’s harmless to human skin, has good ductility, and is waterproof.

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Dark Brown, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Transparent


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