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If you are having trouble looking for Edge Control that keeps your edges laid all day without lifting, look no further.

No more frizzing or white residues after a few hours. The Strong Hold Edge Control Glaze is the easy way to get beautiful styled edges all day long.

You’ll love your hair days, even more, when you use our Strong Hold Edge Control. All you need is just a few minutes and style your edges. it’ll bring out your best.

Edge Control Glaze 3.5oz gives your edges a very stronghold for MORE THAN 24hrs.

✅ It is oil-based therefore prevents your edges from becoming dry or brittle.

✅ It is free from harsh ingredients like alcohol, parabens, sulfates that cause damage to your hair and scalp

✅ It is infused with hair growth oils to promote healthy growth of edges with a shiny and moisturized finished look.

✅ It does not leave any residues or white flakes and the best part is it dries quick

How To Use Strong Hold Edge Control Glaze

Apply a small amount around the edges or scalp. Spread with fingertips or comb through until the product is dry to hold the hair in place.

It only takes seconds to create beautiful swirls with our strong hold edge control glaze. Everything is better a little bit of style, and when you show up to work without having to worry about how you look, it makes the day a little easier.

You’ll stand out from the crowd which will make everyone pay special attention to you and your ideas. Everyone knows that when your hair looks nice, you feel good about yourself.


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  • Perform a patch test before full application, if irritation occurs please do not proceed.
  • For external uses only, avoid contact with eyes or mouth.


Water, Glycerol Extract, Cetrimonium Chloride, Phenoxyethanol, Castor Oil, Ceteareth-25, Peg-7, Avocado Oil, Propylene Glycol, Polyvinylpyrrolidone, Methyl Hydroxybenzoate, Diazolidinylurea, Fragrance.

Private Label Wholesale Edge Control Gel Comparison
Private Label Wholesale Edge Control Gel Comparison

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