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Bold Beauty’s Lace Tint Spray
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Bold Beauty’s Lace Tint Spray


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Our Lace Tint is a water-based solution that will melt your lace away and perfectly match your skin tone. Make your wig look so natural that everyone will swear it’s your natural hair and scalp!

If you commonly wear wigs, you know how important it is to use quality wig products. That’s why we put everything into creating our product, definitely a key to achieving an undetectable install!

Instantly change the color of the lace using our Lace Tint Spray with just a few pumps because, so little goes a long way that way you will have your 150ml Lace Tint bottle to reuse for a long time.

Melt your lace away and match your skin tone perfectly with our buildable lace tint shade range in three tones: Caramel, Pecan, and Walnut Brown. With these varieties of lace tint shades, you are bound to find the perfect lace tint that matches your skin tone. See the Skin tone chart below.

You may apply several coats until you have reached the desired tone as the formulas are buildable.

How to use, (After Bleaching the knots):

  1. Shake the Lace Tint Spray well before use.
  2. Place the lace wig from inside out,  hold the lace tint spray 1-3 inches away and spray a few pumps until you reach the desired shade. The formula is buildable, the lace can get darker as you add several coats.
  3. Let it air dry completely (Air dry is recommended than blow-dry).
  4. Proceed to style.

Compilation Demonstration videos from customers who have used the product. See This Video

Disclaimer: As we know there are different lace material used in the market from the good ones and not so good ones this is to say, if you are Light skin and have a lace material that is dark-greenish than your skin tone even before using the Lace tint, the Light/Caramel-brown Lace Tint may not work for that particular lace. Our Tint Spray works best on Light Brown Swiss, Transparent, and HD Lace Materials.

Caramel-brown lace tint available for light skin tones.

Pecan-brown lace tint for medium skin tones.

Walnut-brown is also available for darker skin tones.

See our skin tone chart for reference, to help you select the perfect tint shade.

Bold Beauty's Tone Shades For Lace Tint Spray-2
Bold Beauty’s Skin Tone Shades For Lace Tint Spray


Various Acids, Sodium Chloride, Disperse and Direct Dye, Water


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Bold Beauty is largely recognized as one of the top brands when it comes to wig-related products, and for good reason. This tint spray contains premium quality ingredients that you won’t find anywhere else. Not only that, but the price is beyond affordable.

This amazing tint spray features:

✅  The affordable price of $9.99 per bottle

✅  Large 100 ml bottle size

✅  Easy-to-apply and incredibly effective

✅  A water-based lace dye that makes wig lace disappear completely

✅  For use with all types of wigs

✅  Feels natural with no discomfort whatsoever

✅  Perfectly matches skin tone

✅  Browse through our wig collection

Thanks to the premium ingredients, this lace spray features no discomfort. If you’re picky about what goes into your hair, you won’t have any problem with this amazing product! You won’t even notice that you’re wearing anything.

Applying our lace tint is a quick and easy process. Bear in mind that you want to make tinting the final step before styling your wig and heading out the door. Ensure that you’ve already shampooed and conditioned your wig and have worked out all the knots. Once that’s done, simply spray the tint all over the lace 6-8 inches away. Make sure that you’re spraying on the INSIDE of the lace. Once it’s dry, you’re all done! It’s as easy as that.

If you’re serious about making your wig look amazing and natural, you owe it to yourself to try out our amazing lace tint spray!

Bold Beauty’s Lace Tint Spray is 100 mL bottle size. Also available on Amazon, Etsy, and Pinterest!

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Caramel Brown (Light Brown), Pecan Brown (Medium Brown), Walnut Brown (Dark Brown), Caramel + Pecan + Walnut Brown

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  1. Product is good. I’d suggest better bottles or tops as the contents tends to spill when shook.

  2. Love it. Perfect lace tint

    • Danielle, thank you so much for taking the time to leave us this amazing review.

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Bold Beauty's Lace Tint Spray Bold Beauty's Lace Tint Spray
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